Homemade fruit and nut bites

I’m on a mission to be kinder to the environment and am always looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint.

Nakd bars have featured fairly regularly on my shopping list for the past few years and I have no idea why I haven’t just made them. They do, after all, only contain five ingredients and the box very handily (is that even a word?) gives the percentage of each one so you can easily make up the exact recipe.

They are the simplest things to make – just blend everything together!

Here’s how mine turned out; they taste exactly the same but have a softer (and quite frankly, nicer) texture. I rolled them in desiccated coconut because they are rather sticky otherwise.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I feel pretty ashamed about the amount of packaging I have unnecessarily contributed to landfill and would love to know if anyone else makes their own snacks or treats! Let’s swap ideas!


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